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Saturday, January 25, 2014

"Bait and Disappoint"

I am growing weary of the way I am treated on the Internet
by various marketers.  I shall begin this
screed with a caveat.  I understand that
as soon as I realize the message or “news article” is, in fact, a sales pitch
that I can and should terminate.  But the
fact that these people are intent on annoying me allows me to vent
nonetheless.   The actions taken that
rile me are these:
As implied above, many apparent “news articles”
end up being not the objective, impartial telling of events or causes, etc.
They are gimmicks to sell some product, process or action.
Even when I think the motives of the writer are
hidden, I sometimes am willing to consume the entire or much of an article in
order to receive information of interest to me. 
But invariably the writers refuse to share the
heart of their message, the most important points in a direct manner.  Instead they feel compelled to repeat
numerous times WHY I should believe them and why this information is
unassailable.  And they do this to the
point of distraction.
Almost never does the heart of the message
measure up to the hype, though. 

I realize that concrete examples are needed to prove my
point.  But I’m growing too weary to
provide them.   Maybe tomorrow.