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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Obama agrees with Nave

I was going to post this as one of the followup responses to my post a few days ago about the President's health care initiatives. But then I decided it warranted its own separate "headline".
In his speech to the joint session of Congress the other night, President Obama used the argument I had offered in that previous post, that they ought to be comparing the value of "public option" in health care to the existence of both public, government colleges and private (for profit) colleges. Yeah, President!
I never did claim, and still don't, that this was my exclusive idea or eve that I was the first person to think of it. But my blog post did occur several days before any of the networks or cable pundits had ever even thought of it or uttered the words. Therefore, I think I'm on safe ground to go ahead and claim ownership of the idea and to magnanimously share it with the President.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

MJ Update?

I can't find it in the television schedules and listings. When and where will be this week's burial of Michael J??
I've become hooked on them. Don't think the mere retro-looks at his life & his music will be enough.