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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Geographic Cure?

At the conclusion of this unending burning summer, I'm tempted to consider relocating to the Pacific Northwest. Such a move would solve Global Warming's impact on us, plus put some distance between us and Rick Perry. Where's the down side in this?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Congressional Debt Crisis vs State-sponsored Gambling

Will anyone else note the odd juxtaposition of tonight's "60 Minutes" segment on state-sponsored gambling the very weekend Congress is imploding? We citizens have the budget crisis that we do because we choose to. We throw away resources on gambling, legal and not, state-sponsored and not, because we choose to. We don't pay the cost of having a 21st century government -- but instead borrow up to 40% of those costs -- because we choose to. We could tax ourselves adequately to pay for everything, as we proved in 1998-1999, if we wanted to. But we just don't want to. We want to hit the big payout. We'd like to fund gov't with OPM - (Other People's Money).