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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Semester_Fresh Start

Happy New Year! Young minds eager to learn, to conquer, to change the world!
OK. Maybe my standards are too high. Maybe some of these young minds are eager to secure a satisfactory grade that won't damage their GPA. Maybe some of them intend to squeak by doing the bare minimum without inhibiting whatever is their preferred schedule of activities.
If experience tells me anything it is that the classes will be comprised of a wide variety of inhabitants (the jury is still out on whether they earn the right to be considered "students"). Some will, indeed, want to have their minds broadened, their points of view challenged. They will be willing, at least for a semester, to do the work, pay attention to the world and world shaping events. They'll learn how to do research and write papers sufficient to meet the standards of the class.
Others simply won't. They'll aim for getting by without the course changing anything about their life or their opinions.
Reasonable goal for ye ole instructor? Meet the needs of the "students", and surprise a few of the others into deciding that becoming an observant, active citizen is worth the effort it takes.
Wish me luck!